From Chapter 5 – Letting Light Heal:

Remember that it is not a weakness to let go; it is simply a shifting of our old patterns and ways of thinking. It is having faith and knowing that the right solution will eventually come. The ultimate goal in life— for all of us—is to find our own happiness and truth.



From Chapter 1 – Acceptance:

As a child, I could not change the suffering and bad things that happened to me. As an adult, it dawned on me that I must accept that suffering does happen—and that the only thing I can truly change is the way that I perceive it.



From the Epilogue

We must “free fall” with the knowledge that the angels will catch us. We have to trust that the universe has better plans for us. No one goes through unnecessary pain in life. We must all simply learn from the situations that are presented to us—and know that we are now—and always will be—loved.